Hydraulic Modelling

“The only way to really understand the hydraulic behaviour of a complex water system, such as a network of pipes or open channels is to model it.”

“Once we have the model of our system and use it to learn how the system behaves we can choose to improve it by making it behave in a better way, e.g. less operating, maintenance and capital expenditure, environmentally better, higher efficiency or higher level of service. Without the knowledge we do not have the choice.”

“Properly developed and calibrated hydraulic models are assets, like pipes or pumps are. Making the best use of the models is as important as the best utilisation of physical assets.”

"It is a good idea to know in advance whether a model is developed for a once off use or it is intended to be used as an asset management tool for a long time."

Pipe Network Model

Consider the following flowchart showing the life cycle of a hydraulic modelling project. It describes two typical modelling applications:

  • Modelling project as an asset management tool - the project is an ongoing process (red loop + blue links)
  • Modelling project undertaken for a once off need, typically for the hydraulic analysis and/or design (yellow link to end)

Modelling Process

Note for Clients and Aspiring Hydraulic Modellers

If one is serious about the business of hydraulic modelling, then one needs to study hydraulics and learn about real world water systems. That is where real answers can truly be found.

It is fair to say that hydraulic modelling software helps to get the job done, but software is no more than a tool. Software helps one in hydraulic modelling as much as a word processor helps one to write a novel or as much as Internet access to a bank account helps one in improving one’s financial well being. Consequently, the use of hydraulic modelling software without indepth knowledge can be useless, costly or even dangerous. 

Modelling Services - Detailed

Hydro Analytics services cover most hydraulic modelling applications available today.

We use all commercially available and some free hydraulic modelling software and always choose the right tool for the job to achieve the best technical and most cost effective solutions for our clients and for the environment. Our hydraulic modelling services include:

Open Channel
  • Initial appraisal
Initial assessment of the system and modelling needs. The initial appraisal establishes which modelling technology is required, defines the modelling scope and specifies appropriate modelling tools.
  • Data collection
Collection and processing of relevant data including physical characteristics of the assets, operational data, flow monitoring data, records of historical events etc.
  • Model building
Data entry in accordance with specific requirements of the system modelled and the modelling tools used. The general model parameters adjustments as required by the specific model application.
  • Calibration and validation
Model adjustments to achieve the required accuracy levels in matching the observed values. Confirmation of the model’s accuracy using data sets that were not used for calibration.
  • Model runs
Model use to perform required analyses for specified initial and boundary conditions. Network/system analysis and troubleshooting.
  • Model audit
Assessment of the fitness for the purpose of a model and reporting on its usability for its original, current and/or future needs.
  • Modelling management
Help with the overall modelling process including identification of current and future modelling needs and programming of modelling activities in accordance with the clients’ specific circumstances.
  • Model redevelopment
Assistance with any modifications, enhancements or extensions of any existing hydraulic models.
  • Model troubleshooting
Assistance to the client at any stage of the model development or modelling process until a solution is found for the troubled model.
  • Ongoing advice
Ongoing assistance with all modelling tasks based on agreed level of service

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